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We really love meetings. Getting together and making things happen. Today it’s a vital discipline. But still we feel that much could be improved. Evoko are Swedish innovators dedicated to making meetings smoother, more cost efficient and stylish. Our first product, the multiple award-winning Evoko Room Manager, really proved our point. Design-driven innovation at its best. Evoko Minto opens the door to a new era in phone-conferencing and Evoko Liso is leading the way in room booking. Now we are taking a giant step forward and introducing Evoko Pusco to the world, a completely new concept that will change the way you do public space communication forever. We aspire to give you the optimum set up for magnificent meetings and amazing workplaces, making them smoother, more cost efficient and stylish in the process. The rest is up to you.

Our journey started in 2009 when we were founded by our proud parent company and owner SMS Smart Media Solutions AB in Stockholm, Sweden. SMS is one of Europe’s leading providers of high-quality brackets, fixtures and enclosures for screens, projectors and other media units. SMS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the US based company Draper, Inc. Although our HQ is in Stockholm, we have sales across five continents in close to 50 different countries. This is made possible by our more than 40 fantastic distribution partners who service and support the local markets in the native languages. Going west, you’ll find our growing Evoko US sales office bringing us closer to the North American market. An exciting journey, and the best part is that we are still only in the beginning of it. We hope you would like to join us.