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Welcome to the new home of Vari-Lite and Strand. Two iconic lighting brands, both proud of our history but driven by today – ready to support your next show, tour, production or creative vision. Together we offer high-quality, dynamic lighting fixtures and controls with innovative technology and powerful features that enable end-users to express themselves and inspire audiences around the world.


Power. Performance. Spectacle. Everything unforgettable rock and roll shows and events need, Vari-Lite delivers. Since 1981, we’ve combined innovative engineering and a love of performance to create high-quality fixtures that help to create extraordinary experiences and emotions. Experiences that excite audiences, from the first row to the last. Smart color systems. Advanced optics. Leading features. All packaged into durable fixtures that add power and passion to the performances of artists around the world. It’s what turns a good show into a great show. A memorable tour into the stuff of legend. The power is in the next performance.


Strand has an acclaimed 100-year history of pioneering technological advancements in stage lighting. We’re proud of the past but driven by today. Every performance poses a new challenge or requires a slightly different set of skills. That’s why you never stop learning. And neither do we. We continue to develop high-quality products that help you to meet the demands of modern theater, film and TV, as well as themed environments and architecture. Whether it’s on-stage or in-studio, our range of luminaires, digital dimming equipment and control systems provide you with the fundamental elements to design and create all the essential emotions.