AV Systems Group


AV Systems Group

The HWPco AV Systems Group is committed to providing to you the most experienced and dedicated team of individuals on behalf of our Manufacturer partners. Their soul purpose is to represent those partners with integrity while we serve you and your organization. Our Mission is to be the most trusted and valuable relationship in the industry. This means that unless we are relevant and trustworthy to you and the people on your team we will not survive. Our Vision is to make you the hero to your customer by looking out for your best interests, not our own. If you ever need anything at all don't hesitate to reach out to our AVSG team members.

Patrick Oates

Business Unit Lead - AV Systems Sales - SC & GA

Brooks Platts

AV Systems Sales - NC

Chad Rigler

Pro User Sales - GA

Josh Johnson

AV Systems & Pro User Sales - GA

Josh Lindsay

AV Systems Sales - GA

Kevin Duthu

Business Unit Lead - AV Systems & Pro User Sales - TN

Marcus Myers

Principal - Director of Operations - AV Systems Sales - GA

Norman Miller

AV Systems & Pro User Sales - AL & MS

Trey Gunter

Principal - Director of Sales - AV Systems Sales - TN

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