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Technology training at your fingertips

Access to the right training at the right time can be difficult. We consistently provide local and virtual opportunities to earn continuing education credits and certifications by bringing you the latest in industry training classes from our manufacturer partners as well as industry professionals. Follow us on social media and tune into our email newsletters to learn about upcoming class opportunities. To facilitate your own training, email your local representative or call us at 678-866-0511.

  • Planning and Execution of educational events, which include the following:
    • Venue booking
    • Catering booking
    • Registration and Check In system management
    • Social media content creation and promotion of event
    • Emailed invitations
    • Event marketing and attendance analytics
  • On-site technical assistance available
  • On-site event manager available
Mike DeFreece

"HWPco has provided advanced training using their talented systems specialists and coreU has partnered with QSC to help deliver specialized Q-SYS training throughout the Southeast"

Mike DeFreece

Director of Systems Sales, SE, QSC

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