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Customized project planning, execution and delivery

We offer a personalized approach to your logistical needs. Whether you need faster deliveries with smaller delivery windows, project warehousing, product QC and testing, room kitting, serial tracking, or a specific level of customer service support, our High Touch Logistics approach will be embodied throughout the supply chain and project planning process. We design solutions around what your customer’s require so that there are no compromises in your product’s overall delivery. Our High Touch Logistics service offers a fully customizable, value-based, customer-driven approach to logistics. Contact 678-866-0511 to utilize High Touch today!

  • High Touch Logistics – Fully customizable project management
    • Palletize/kitting per project, per vendor, per room, per floor for specific delivery
    • Product testing and updates to firmware and software
    • On-site preparation for shipping for local Atlanta customers
  • Transportation – Best rate, transit time, accessorial, & best carrier for the freight class.
    • LTL, TL, ground, rail, train, and international shipping
    • Create and send BOLs and labels Product Software Tutorials
    • Schedule pickup with carrier
    • Communications with the carrier, including any insurance claims
  • Warehousing – Product Storage and Management
    • Project, piece, or pallet storage at our facility
    • Access to our WMS, reporting, pick and pack, order entry, and weekly/monthly cycle counts
Joe King

“HWPco has continued to go above and beyond what we have come to expect from a traditional Rep Firm. Their High Touch Logistics service for instance has allowed us to be more agile and capable of meeting the “On Demand” nature of today’s market”

Joe King

Sr. Director Commercial Displays North America, Phillips Commercial Displays

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