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Why we do what we do

HWPco was founded in 1970 by Henry W. Phillips as a Manufacturer’s Representative for electronic products & solutions. Over the years, the company has held true to its mission of being the most trusted and valuable relationship in the industry and is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary in business. Under new leadership in 2015, the company has more than doubled in size and has evolved into the nation’s leading Professional Services Organization (PSO) with a strong focus on its coreREP sales as a service platform. HWPco is committed to acting as a sales representative for its 25+ manufacturers across all divisions which includes Audio, Video, Lighting, Security, IT Networking, Technical Furniture, and Infrastructure. The company continues to broaden its core services and help customers experience technology in context, while expanding the HWPco team to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the industry. For further information, visit

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    Be Relevant through consistent innovation.

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Technical services on demand

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The remote software concierege

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Technology training at your fingertips

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Your contact for sales and solutions

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Experience technology in context

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Creating relevant content in context

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Project Planning, Execution and Delivery

"HWPco is an organization that is knowledgeable, engaging and supportive while focusing on developing relationships as opposed to transactions. The products they represent are always of highest quality as well as extremely relevant."

Herb Ubbens CPP PSP, President Paratus Consultants Group

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