For more than 25 years, the AMG brand has been synonymous with excellence in data transmission technology and has become one of the market leaders in providing environmentally robust IP/Ethernet, Wireless, and Hybrid communication transmission solutions, to industries around the world.

AMG’s product range includes commercial and industrial analogue fiber transmission, media converters, managed and unmanaged switches with 30/60/90W PoE support, wireless and 4G Ethernet transmission as well as IP extenders via coax and twisted pair including VDSL transmission.

Using over three decades of experience in design and manufacturing gained over thousands of projects in many industries including Defence, Oil & Gas, Security, Transport, Infrastructure, and Custodial, AMG is in a unique position to offer support services such as System and Custom Design, Professional Training, and Custom Build Solutions.

Operating to the highest design, manufacturing, and service delivery standards and are an ISO 9001 accredited company, so customers can be assured of an ongoing commitment to service and quality.

AMG has a fantastic team of engineers, designers, and managers who work together to ensure their customers have the right products for their system requirements. This team is proud to design and manufacture the complete solution through its internal UK & USA hardware and software engineering teams.

They operate from 2 sites having recently acquired a 15,000sq ft new industrial property in Castleford to complement their existing Biggleswade manufacturing site, which has enabled AMG to increase production and investment in its internal UK hardware and software engineering teams as well as in its manufacturing process.